If you died tonight, would your family know what you wanted for a final distribution of your assets? A valid Will is the legal way to state your wishes. If you die without a will, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has a “family tree” in the Mass. General Laws that states who would receive your money and other assets. You worked hard for your money, so you should be the one who decides who inherits, and how much each beneficiary receives.

Consider the following questions and issues that may apply to you and your family members:

  • Are there any disputes (even small disagreements) among family members who are your potential heirs? 
  • Would you like to leave any money to persons outside of the family, such as friends who have helped you, or non-profit, charitable organizations?
  • Do you want to by pass your children and leave money directly to your grandchildren?
  • Is there a personal item such as a Harley, jewelry, or coin collection that you want to leave to a specific person?
  •  Is anyone of your potential heirs receiving disability benefits, Mass Health, or other government assistance that would end, or be jeopardized if they inherited money from you? 
  • Are any of your children married to someone who you would not want to inherit your money?
  • Are any of your children poor managers of their own money?
  • Does any one of your children need to receive more of your money than the others? Such as college needs, or has more children to support than the others?

These and other issues can be solved by executing a properly drafted will with an attorney. Covid guidelines, masks, gloves, and limited in person meetings are held, with most conversations by phone. The cost is reasonable, and you will sleep better tonight!

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