Coma, stroke, injury…Oh, my! Are your affairs in order?

If you had a medical emergency tonight, what would happen to your finances? Is there someone you have already appointed to manage your affairs?  If not, you should consider a Durable Power of Attorney document. During a serious illness and recovery from a medical event, it is vital that your finances continue to operate smoothly. Bills need to be paid timely, and your income and assets are managed by a person you select to do [...]

If you died tonight… you have a valid Massachusetts will?

If you died tonight, would your family know what you wanted for a final distribution of your assets? A valid Will is the legal way to state your wishes. If you die without a will, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has a “family tree” in the Mass. General Laws that states who would receive your money and other assets. You worked hard for your money, so you should be the one who decides who inherits, and [...]

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