Family Law Attorney
• Child Support
• Divorce
• Mediation
• Modification of Divorce Agreements
• Prenuptial Agreements
• Visitation
• Guardian Ad Litem for child custody and parenting investigations. I am appointed by the court, the judge, a parent, or a lawyer for a parent can request the investigation. I investigate and write a report to the judge. Call to discuss the details.
• Social Security Disability
• Medicaid Applications Mass Health
• SSI Benefits, Applications/Appeals
• Healthcare Proxies
• Worker’s Compensation Claims
• Guardianships
• Seller – Sale of Real Estate

Probate Attorney
• Probate estates of deceased persons Settle estate, with or without a will

Wills & Estates Attorney
• Guardian/ Conservator
• Powers of Attorney
• Wills /Trusts Probate and Estate Matters